The pay per head sportsbook industry is very competitive. You should use all your resources to ensure you have the advantage over your competitors. In fact, you should develop a strategy to attract customers and retain existing ones.

Retaining costumers is equally important to acquiring them. In addition, the cost of getting new customers is high. That’s why you need to make sure you can make customers come back to you. Here are some strategies to help you attract customers and make them into loyal players of your sportsbook pay per head.

Promotions to Attract Customers

How to Attract Customers to Pay Per Head SportsbookYou can use promotions and deals to entice new customers, retain existing players, and reengage with old users. In fact, you can use promos to launch new games and make players more interested in betting.

Some of the promos you can offer to players include:

  • Bonuses – You can offer welcome bonuses for new players or reload bonuses for existing ones. You can also engage new and old players with a single promo through refer-a-friend bonuses.
  • Free play – This type of promo allows players to place a wager without using real money.
  • Cashback promos – This promo gives back a portion of the player’s losses.
  • Loyalty program – You can have a loyalty program that allows players to accumulate points for their activities on your pay per head sportsbook.

In-Game Events

Another way to attract customers is to create in-game events. You can have seasonal events such as for March Madness or the Super Bowl. You can also have daily promos that increase their value over time. These promos can attract customers, both new and old.

Push Notifications

You can remind players of placing a bet in a major sporting event through push notifications. Just make sure that it is not spammy in nature. It is a good way to communicate with your existing players. You can send out notifications based on the user’s betting history.

These are the things you can do to attract customers to your bookie per head. Follow these tips to increase your player-base and retain old ones. Make sure to visit our website for more bookie tutorials.


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