Most bookie pay per head experts say that the US could be the biggest sports betting market in the next decade or so. You can check some bookie per head reviews to see how to get in the sports betting industry. As for gambling news in the US, the legalization of sports betting across the US continues to spread.

Louisiana and Alabama in Sports Betting

The Alabama Sports Wagering Act is from Representative John Rogers. This House Bill 315 aims to authorize bets for certain college and professional sports events. Basically, some sports leagues or events may not have permission to be bet on.

As for the modes of wagering, mobile sports betting will happen. If the bill passes, then this means that Alabama will be the first state in the South East to offer mobile sports betting. The licensing fee proposed will be $100,000. There will only be 7 maximum licenses to be issued. As for the taxes, 10% of gambling revenue will be collected.

As for Louisiana, they also have Senate Bill 153, or the 2019 Louisiana Sports Wagering Act. This bill is from Senator Danny Martiny, and is part of the sessions from early on. However, this bill is a bit different from Alabama’s.

First off, this bill offers local municipalities to have a referendum. They will decide if they want to have sports betting exist in their areas. If they consent, then by January 2020, sports betting can apply for licenses.

Second, the bill does not contain details on licensing fees, or even tax that the state can collect, based on revenue. The lack of details means that this bill will need a lot of work before it can get passed. The legislative sessions will be ongoing through June, so there are still a couple of months for these bills to be finalized.


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