The NCAA is getting more exciting for both bettor and bookie. From 68 teams, we are now down to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen. So far, the top 3 seeds in all divisions are still in the running for the championship. While this seems random, this makes things very exciting for those who bet on the NCAA, since this means the best teams will be giving us great games to watch and bet on.

NCAA Sweet Sixteen Preview

South 1 Virginia is the biggest favorite this year, with -8.5 with their game with No. 12 Oregon. Oregon is nothing short of amazing in defense, so if you are going to look at scores for this game, don’t expect a lot.

Whoever wins this game will play against either number 3 Purdue or number 2 Tennessee. The Volunteers are the favorite here at 2-point favorites. However, the UT defense may zoom in on Carsen Edwards of Purdue. Edwards threw in 42 points in the first round so he will be one to watch in the game.

Number 1 overall seed Duke has shakily maintained their presence in the tournament. Their last round against Central Florida was almost an upset bid there. Anyway, the Blue Devils are 7-point favorites within the East division game against number 4 Virginia Tech. For these teams, keep track with player injuries to see how the game may possibly turn out.

Of course, your sportsbook pay per head should be ready for the game between the winners of the Duke-Virginia Tech game, and the winner of either Michigan State or LSU for Elite Eight. The Spartans are 6-point favorites here. Whichever way the games will turn out, it will be a very exciting week. Of course, keep track of these teams and how they perform so you can have a better idea how to bet up to the championship round.


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