The sports betting market in the US has been growing a lot over the past year. And its mostly credited to awareness raised by legalized sports betting. Bookie PPH experts have also been seeing a rise in the usage of sports betting software over the past couple of years.

Since the PASPA repeal back in May last year, 11 states have so far legalized sports betting. 7 states have passed laws as well, but are still waiting for a launch date. 24 states have legislation on sports betting pending. 8 states, meanwhile, have nothing on the table on addressing sports betting.

Legalized Sports Betting

us sports bettingThe states with legalized sports betting, are Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island and New York. Not all of these states have online sports betting, though. As for states that have legalized sports betting, but are still waiting for a launch, you have Montana, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and North Carolina.

Meanwhile, states with pending legislation, which are many, are the following: Washington, California, and Arizona in the west. South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas are all included in the list. You also have Hawaii, Minnesota, Missouri, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky. Neighboring states Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina are part of this list as well. Lastly, you also have Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine.

As for those without any bills, you have Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. But for those who are planning on opening their own sportsbook operation, you can read some bookie pay per head tutorials to get started. Once you have made this, find a good betting software development provider who can make opening a sportsbook easier.