Can You Really Bet on Sports in Florida?Legalizing sports betting in each state in the US has been happening since the PASPA repeal back in 2018. Some states, like New Jersey, were quick to act and benefited from the taxes earned from legalizing online sports betting. Some states took its time, with a few states opening their own betting markets each year. But some, however, are still quite chaotic in terms of policy, like California. But none is quite as confusing as the Florida. With so many cases being filed on sports betting in the state, can you really bet on sports in Florida?

There is a lengthy legal battle happening in Florida about sports betting. The issues revolve on who can operate sportsbooks in the state. Given how easy it can be to be a bookie with a good sportsbook pay per head software, we may wonder why it is hard to do so for Florida. And the answer is in the operators. You have two main parties involved who want to offer sports betting in the state: the Tribes, and large sportsbook operators.

Can You Really Bet on Sports in Florida?

Today, you can bet on sports in the state, but there is only one sportsbook allowed to go live with online sports betting. This was not the case last year, as a legal battle caused them to shut down their mobile operations. But the Seminole Tribe were able to go live again with a re-launch back in December 5, 2023, with retail betting reopening December 7 of the same year.

Another option is to go for independent sportsbooks. In fact, you can even take it a step further and become the bookie instead of just betting on sports. With the help of pay per head services, you can easily create an online sportsbook and manage it from your phone, laptop, or tablet.


What is Happening with the Legal Issues?

One of the biggest conflicts is between the Seminole Tribe, which has a pact with the state, and West Flagler Associates. Let us look at the timeline, and what is happening.

  • Can You Really Bet on Sports in Florida?April 2021- Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a compact with the Seminole Tribe allowing some form of mobile wagering in Florida.
  • May 2021- Florida legislators approve the said compact. Complaints ensued. Compact was put on hold pending appeals with the Department of the Interior and the Tribe.
  • November 1 2023- The Seminole Tribe announced its return to sports betting.
  • November 7 2023- Online sports betting resumes for existing customers. West Flagler petitioned the Florida Supreme Court to temporarily halt sports betting until adjudication of case.
  • November 17 2023- Supreme Court denied the request.
  • November 20 2023- This was West Flagler’s deadline for an official petition. They asked for an extension of February 4, 2024 to allow the litigation to play out.
  • December 1 2023- This is the State of Florida’s deadline for the official Supreme Court Petition. Here, they filed and claimed the suit should be dismissed.
  • December 1 2023- The Supreme Court granted the extension request to Feb 4.
  • December 5 2023- Online sports betting returns (one operator)
  • December 7 2023- Retail sports betting, craps, and roulette resumes (Seminole tribe has 6 casinos in the state)
  • March 21 2024- Florida Supreme Court denies West Flagler’s motion to shut down online sports betting.
  • April 2 2024 – West Flagler Associates file a brief with the US Supreme Court against the Department of the Interior.
  • April 22 2024- P2P DFS launched in Florida.
  • May 15 2024- The Department of the Interior responded to the writ petition filed by West Flagler before the US Supreme Court.

Where is Sports Betting in Florida Headed?

Can You Really Bet on Sports in Florida?Legal experts believe that this issue will last a few more years before it can be resolved. Most of the complaints revolve around the monopoly of the Seminole Tribe through the compact. But recently, in the East Coast Gaming Congress, Hard Rock CEP Jim Allen states that they would be receptive to the idea of having other operators offer sports betting in Florida.

It will be a problem for the courts and for legislators to fix, and meanwhile, operators will lose the opportunity to earn from sports betting. With a PPH bookie software, you can gain that opportunity to offer sports betting to your players, regardless of where they are. And with your online sportsbook running smoothly and without any issues, your players can place bets on any sport, from wherever they are across the globe.


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