As many sportsbook pay per head experts anticipate, the full return to sports by most professional sports leagues will bring about a large increase in sports betting activity. Majority of the states in the US that offer sports betting are enjoying more than double of the betting handles in their month-on-month numbers. Of course, Colorado is one of them. The Colorado sports betting handle for the month of August is $128.64 million.

Colorado Sports Betting Handle for August

Colorado Sports Betting Handle Reaches $128 MillionThe handle is $128.64 million for the month, which is 117% higher than the previous month. It is high enough that its more than the $123.5 million handle in the first three months of sports betting in the state- combined. Many pay per head services providers are all reporting a large increase in both handle and revenue as well.

The gross gaming revenue for the state is $7.5 million. Net sports betting proceeds are $1.87 million. But even with the large handle, and a growing betting market in Colorado, the biggest lesson we are seeing, is that online and mobile betting is outperforming itself.

Online Sports Betting in Colorado

For instance, the online betting handle in the state for August is $126.7 million, with $2 million for retail sportsbooks. This handle is higher than July’s $58.6 million by around 116%. Basically, online sports betting in Colorado makes up for 98% of the total betting handle.

Basketball was the top sport people bet on for the month, with $38 million in handle, followed by baseball at around $22.8 million. Hockey, table tennis, golf, and other sports follow. Of course, these numbers are expected to increase as the NFL begins its season in September. In addition, college football betting will also be increasing during this period. For those who are still in the process of creating their own sportsbooks to get a piece of the action, try some sportsbook pay per head reviews to help steer you to the right direction.