The Dutch gambling regulator issued a record high of fines in 2018. However, the Kansspelatoriteit or KSA is having a hard time collecting them. The agency issued €1,709,800 in fines. In comparison, they were almost two times that of 2017.

The increase in financial penalties came after the Dutch gambling regulator implemented stricter rules against operators. Another key point on how to be a successful bookie is to block Dutch residents from accessing your site. The KSA issued most fines to international operators accepting Dutch customers. They include Betsson, Mr. Green, and Honeydew.

Some of the operators are appealing the fines. According to them, Dutch gambling laws go against the EU rules on unfair trade between member states. However, Dutch courts usually rule in favor of the gambling regulator.

Dutch Gambling Regulator Collection Troubles

dutch flagWhile the KSA issued a record number of fines, the gambling regulator didn’t specify the amount it collected so far. Some observers think the KSA is having a hard time collecting fines. As a result, the amount collected is not newsworthy.

In fact, most online operators fined by the KSA operate in places where the regulator has no authority. Most of them are based in Curacao and St. Maarten. That’s why the agency has no jurisdiction on them.

Former heads of the KSA criticized their government for delaying the passage of the Remote Gambling Bill. According to them, the bill will allow the regulator to issue licenses to online operators. The bill will also bring in more revenue.

The good news is that the Senate will meet on the fifth of February to tackle the Remote Gambling Bill. According to gambling industry news, three years have passed since the Lower House approved the bill. After three years, the Senate is still in a stalemate. However, senators can vote on the bill on the 12th of February if there are no objections.


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