Georgia high school athletes hope that spring sports events are not canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. High schools are a month away from reopening in the state. Their target date is April 27.

Dr. Robin Hines, executive director of GHSA, told sportsbook pay per head that Georgia hopes to hold spring sports competitions in 2020. The organization is doing everything in its power to hold a shortened season and shortened tournaments.

The GHSA plans to hold games and tournaments after the end of the school year. However, the worst-case scenario is that they cancel the spring sports season. That’s the situation Georgia athletes are hoping to avoid.

The Hope of Georgia High School Athletes

Georgia High School Athletes Hope Spring Sports Not CanceledDaniel Martin, a student-athlete from Georgia, started a petition. Based on bookie pay per head sources, the appeal has more than 35,700 signatures to date. Brayden Broome, a senior shortstop from Ringgold, signed the petition. He said that he wants to have the chance to play with his team for the last time.

Broome told Be an Online Bookie his team hate it because they can’t go out and practice due to the coronavirus. Also, Broome added that they have a special bond. They just want to be back playing the sport they love.

The shortstop commended the community for thinking about all spring athletes, including track and field, baseball, and tennis. Also, he said that the coronavirus outbreak is a terrible thing. He hopes the nation can recover and give them the chance to keep playing.

The GHSA extended the suspension of all practices and competitions until April 24. The order was following Governor Brian Kemp’s announcement that schools will remain close until that date.

Also, the GHSA will inform schools on the decision to resume sports activities on or before April 24.