A few months ago, we reported on the uncertainty surrounding the Massachusetts sports betting law this year. While both chambers have their respective sports betting bills passed, both bills had varying terms. Thus, both chambers formed a committee to reconcile the terms of the proposed law. They also had to work on a very tight deadline, as the legislative session ends in July.

And when learning how to be an online bookie, you know that the more time you spend waiting to go live with your sportsbook, then the more money you are letting past. Given how popular sports betting in the US is, Massachusetts could stand to earn millions in taxes from sports betting.

But the state pulled through. With a day left before the deadline to take action on the sports betting bill, Governor Charlie Baker signed the bill into law. Governor Baker is pleased to sign this, ever since the legislation to legalize sports betting was introduced years ago.

Massachusetts Sports Betting Law

Governor Signs Massachusetts Sports Betting LawNow, the ball is in the court of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. They are tasked to form further regulation on the implementation of the law. Once done, they can start accepting, reviewing, and approving license applications from sports betting operators. If you are curious about what sports betting sites you can expect, these betting software reviews will give you an idea.

Of course, while many are looking forward to seeing sportsbooks go live soon in the state, this may not be the case. The commission will be taking its time to ensure everything runs smoothly. Historically, most betting markets in the US, upon legalization, took around a year to go live after a bill passes.

While a sports betting software solution offers a lot of options, Massachusetts sportsbooks will have limitations in terms of what they can bet on. As one of the compromises made, college sports betting will be allowed, except for in-state schools. However, in-state school sports betting can happen if they are in a tournament, such as March Madness.


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