New technology affects many industries. Gambling is not an exemption. For instance, the development of PPH platforms made it easier to becoming a bookie today. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, the gambling sector is asking what it can benefit from AI.

Although it is still in the early stages, you can find AI in the gambling sector. Along with machine learning, AI makes operations become more efficient. In fact, some operators use it to prevent access to underage people and identify problem gamblers.

Some operators use AI to improve their profits. They use technology to attract and keep players loyal to their site. In fact, you give them permission to use your data when you accept their terms and conditions. The operator can use the data to provide a personalized experience, including offers and ads.

Benefit from AI

Another benefit from AI that the gambling sector enjoys is identifying problem gamblers. In recent years, identification methods are improving. However, the sector is still relying on the gambler to enroll oneself in a self-exclusion list.

How Gambling can Benefit from AI

AI and machine learning can identify problem users. Operators can generate reports to make sure their players can afford to gamble. In Japan, there are talks of using facial recognition technology to restrict entry to people belonging to a problem gambler database.

British Columbia casinos are planning to use AI with their loyalty programs. That way they can spot problem gambling right away. If the software flags a player, the system will send out messages to make the person stop.

Bookie software operators can use to spot underage players. Once common practice to avoid age checks is to use the parent’s ID. However, an AI can detect if the behavior of the user doesn’t match the age one is claiming to be. Once flagged, the operator can ask for additional identity checks.


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