How to Set Up a SportsbookA few decades ago, opening a sportsbook was a difficult endeavor that was out of reach of most agents and bookies. Today, thanks to the Bookie Pay Per Head Solution, almost anyone with the will to succeed can do it. So let’s get started on How to Set Up a Sportsbook with this easy to follow bookie tutorial.

However, keep in mind that even though it is easier, it still requires work and dedication to setup a sportsbook.  With this in mind, operating a sportsbook can be a very profitable business.  This is because it is a trillion dollar market that will double by 2024.

Furthermore, when using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head, setting up an online sportsbook is fast, wasy and cost efficient.  This is why this tutorial is so short and simple.

Setting up a Sportsbook in Three Easy Steps

Step 1. Finding a Bookie Pay Per Head

In order to have a cost efficient sportsbook start-up, a Bookie Pay Per Head is the best solutions.  This is because instead of spending money on a betting software, support staff and website you only pay per player.

A full sportsbook start-up will cost around $150,000 and up.  By using a Bookie Pay Per Head,  you only pay between $5-$20 per player every week for the same thing. They are several Bookie PPH Providers around and finding the right one is the key to a successful operation.

We suggest, looking at Bookie Pay Per Head Review Websites to see which one best suit your style of bookmaking.

Step 2. Figure out a Payment System

A solid and reliable payment system is an absolute must for a bookie.  This is because it allows the bookie to pay and receive money in a fast and efficient manner.  The faster it is, the more trust your players will have in your operation.

Step 3. Get the Right Players

In order to have run a sportsbook, you have to have players.  They are several ways to acquire players depending on the type of sportsbook you want. If you have a start-up operation with a small bankroll, you want t players that bet small.  On the other hand, if you have a large bankroll, then you can afford sharp players that bet big.

However, no matter the type of operation you have, all bookies agree on one thing.  This is that the best players are the ones that bet on a regular basis. These are the ones you should be looking for.

Are you are ready to start your own sportsbook? we recommend using the as they offer the best PPH Service in the industry.

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