sports betting in IllinoisDuring the first few months when the Coronavirus pandemic swept the nation, states had to ask industries to shut down their operations. Help was needed for these businesses to somehow conduct their operations through remote and mobile means. Businesses and the government made some temporary adjustments. For instance, online sports betting as well as online casino gaming became popular. A lot of people took the time to learn how to become a bookie by using online sportsbook tools. And in Illinois, Governor J.B. Pritzker temporarily suspended the in-person registration requirement. In the state, registration for sports betting was part of their law. Anyone who wanted to bet online has to register in a retail sportsbook first.

Executive Order 2020-41 allowed a temporary reprieve on this law. This allowed people to go straight and register through online gaming sites. There are a lot of options to choose from, such as sportsbook pay per head, online casinos, sportsbooks, and more. However, the order was not re-extended, and last Sunday was its last day of effectivity.

Registration for Sports Betting

Laws requiring physical registration for online sports betting comes from good intentions: better transparency, security, and more. But in reality, this is proving to be a limitation in terms of attracting new players. Some prefer to play in brick and mortar sportsbooks. But there is larger market of bettors who prefer the accessibility of mobile betting. So, asking these people to drop by a sportsbook or a casino to register, instead of just going ahead and downloading an app, seems counterproductive.

The inconvenience of having too many steps to make to be able to place a wager was something that the best bookie pay per head providers have practically eliminated. The ease of signing up, and going straight to wagering is one of the best advantages that online sportsbooks have. And for Illinois, a state with a burgeoning sports betting market, getting new players should be the biggest priority.

Sports Betting in Illinois

With the major sports leagues in the US resuming their seasons, the Illinois sports betting market will definitely be growing a lot. But reinstating in-person registration may dissuade these people from registering. Especially when the Coronavirus is still widespread, and it would be risky to venture out for something you could have done at home.