A new Indiana gambling bill will allow casinos in Gary to relocate. In addition, Senate Bill 552 wants to let horse-track casinos offer live table games in 2019. At present, racinos can only have electronic table games and slot machines.

In 2015, lawmakers approved legislation allowing racinos in Anderson and Shelbyville to have live-dealer tables in 2021. The new Indiana gambling bill will change the date to 2019.

Senator Jon Ford told gambling industry news that there’s no reason to wait two more years. The state can start enjoying the tax revenue from the table games this year. In 2017, lawmakers filed a bill to allow live games that year but failed to make any progress in the Senate.

Indiana Gambling Bill Brings Casino to Terre Haute

Indiana casinoThe new gambling bill will allow a casino to relocate to Terre Haute. One provision of the bill is to allow Majestic Star Casinos to relocate. A casino will stay within Gary, while the other will move to Terre Haute.

Even if the bill becomes a law, the relocations will still require approval from the City Council of Gary. Vigo County residents also need to vote on the move into their district. The bill will not force the community to accept any relocations.

Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson wants casinos out of the Buffington Harbor. In addition, she approves keeping one of the two casino licenses. Officials of the city want to use the harbor better, and relocating the casino to another area will help improve its growth.

According to sportsbook pay per head experts, Spectacle Entertainment is in the process of acquiring the two casinos. In addition, the company is in favor of moving them. Furthermore, the company supports SB 552.

Another provision of the bill is to allow Rising Star Casino to move its unused gambling games to Vigo County. Indiana regulates the number of games each casino has in a location. According to Ford, Rising Star has around 750 unused games it wants to relocate in another casino.


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