This year is a special year for horse racing as the Kentucky Derby will be hosting its 150th year, making it America’s longest continuously running sporting event. The Kentucky Derby will be featuring twenty horses in the event, which will start on May 4 at Churchill Downs in Louisville. The Kentucky Oaks will be on May 3, and the weekend will be busy, as there will be 14 events on Saturday. So if you like betting on horse racing or want to open a racebook, make sure to check out our Kentucky Derby Betting Preview.

Kentucky Derby Betting Preview

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Kentucky Derby Betting at a Glance

The Kentucky Derby is popular on a global level, since horse racing attracts an international pool of bettors. This is why when you decide to be an online bookie, offering horse racing should be part of your plans. The Kentucky Derby alone can help you generate a good revenue for the month.

Last year, around $288.7 million was bet during the Day program- and the figures could be even higher. 2023’s numbers are much higher than 2022’s $273.8 million, so there is good annual growth in Kentucky Derby betting as well. The Derby alone records a handle of $188.7 million, with betting on the whole week totaling $412 million in bets. This is a record-high amount for betting on the Kentucky Derby, and higher than 2022’s handle of $391.8 million.



Kentucky Derby Betting Preview

Kentucky Derby Betting PreviewWhy is this event so popular in betting? For one, this is the biggest horse racing event in the US. And the Derby is also the first leg for horses that want to win the prestigious Triple Crown, so your sportsbook will be getting a lot of action. Aside from betting on the actual event, people will also be making bets on the Triple Crown.

Expect to see a lot of action on the place and show of course. But there will be a flurry of activity in betting on exotic wagers, such as exacta and trifecta bets. These bets involve multiple horses, so the potential payouts are quite big. Your Bookie PPH software can handle the action you will be getting, so you can enjoy the event while earning money easily from horse racing.


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