Sports betting in Mississippi is legal, and the local industry is doing well. There are currently 26 casinos operating in the state, and they have retail sportsbooks on site. Two of those have mobile sports betting, but you have to be within the premises to place a wager. Tribal casinos also offer the use of sportsbook software, but on-site only.

Online sports betting is undoubtedly the most popular way that people prefer to view odds and place bets. In states that offer online wagering, the monthly handle tends to be higher than states that only offer retail betting. And in the gulf states, only Louisiana offers online betting, and its only limited to certain parishes as well. Given how accessible sportsbooks from sports betting solutions providers are, more and more states want to legalize online wagering. Mississipi is one of those.


Online Sports Betting in Mississippi

Legislators Propose Online Sports Betting in MississippiCurrently, there are three bills that are up for consideration that relate to online sports betting in the House of Representatives. You have House Bill 606 from Rep. Casey Eure (R), House Bill 708 by Cedric Burnett (D), and House Bill 864 by Rep. Jay McKnight (R). It is still unclear if any of these bills will get past the introduction stage, but many are hopeful.

Using a sportsbook pay per head makes it easy for bookies to manage a sportsbook operation. And an online sportsbook can handle hundreds, if not thousands of wagers in real time without any problem. Offering online wagering can be a boon for Mississippi, as residents from other states without sports betting can travel to Mississippi and place a bet.

Previous efforts to legalize online sports betting have been unsuccessful primarily because retail operators are worried to lose the business that will transfer to online sports betting. The House will be in session until April 3, so there is ample time to decide if protecting retail casinos will be more profitable than to expand the local market and allow online sports betting.


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