Despite the warm weather in Mississippi, the Mississippi bookie market is getting colder, with a dip in handle for July. If you want to learn to be a bookie, do not lose hope and be dismayed by the numbers of a mere month. Let’s take a look at why Mississippi is having a slow month. Actually, the state seems to be having its slowest month of the year so far.

Mississippi has a 28.9% decline in sports betting handle. This would be quite a large dip, as bookie pay per head experts will say. But revenue, while dropping as well, is slower at a lower percentage loss of 9.6%. The total sports betting handle in the state for July is $30.659 million, more than $13.5 million down from June’s $43.099 million.

Mississippi Bookie Market Status

Mississippi Bookie Market Dips in JulyThe July handle is only half of the highest monthly betting handle that the state recorded. This was back in January, with a record handle of $67.7 million. Meanwhile, sports betting revenue for July is $2.888 million, lower if we compare it to June’s $3.194 million. Of course, the year-on-year numbers are still marginally higher than 2020’s, so things are not so bad for the bookie market yet.

But relatively speaking, July tends to be a slow month across the board in the sports betting market. Especially for the US. Two of the biggest sports have no tournaments ongoing, so things are slower than usual. The NFL will not be starting until September, while the NBA will open in October. The college counterparts of both sports in the NCAA are also not active. In fact, even big-market states like New Jersey saw a 24.5 % decrease in sports betting handle for the month. So, if you want to be an online bookie, know that things will look up soon, and the remainder of the months of this year will be very busy for bookies.


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