The Mississippi sportsbook handle was high in March, getting a boost from college basketball’s March Madness. However, as things go back to normal in April, the numbers for both the total betting handle and the revenue is lower than its previous month. As most sportsbook pay per head providers know, the handle for each month varies per sportsbook, but there is a general wave of sorts that everyone rides. For instance, February tends to yield lower handle, March brings things up, but things settle by April.

These trends are completely normal, so learning about this can help you study and improve your own sports betting operation. If you are just starting out, then take note of these months so you know what to expect by then.

Mississippi Sportsbook Handle

For Mississippi, the total sports betting handle for April is at $32.9 million. This is 34.9% lower than March’s $50.5 million. Many states have decreased handle, but not a lot are as bad as Mississippi’s. for instance, New Jersey’s handle is 13% less than the previous month while Pennsylvania is down around 14.4%. If you are using sportsbook software solution for your gambling operation, then you can also keep track of your handle. Simply go to the section where you can generate reports, and select the details, such as the dates, you want to view.

Your bookie software can also help you find out your revenue status each day, week, and month. For Mississippi, they also have less revenue this month. Aprils total sports betting revenue is $4.3 million, 17.9% less than March’s revenue. The highest record ever recorded by the state was $67.7 million in January of this year. Hopefully, with more games from leagues like the NBA and more, the handle will increase in the next month.

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