We do not know when the Coronavirus pandemic will end. What we do know, is that the MLB cancels events until June to ensure everyone’s safety. While this is not the perfect time to launch your sportsbook operation, this is a good time to study and learn how to be an online bookie. That way, once the major professional sports leagues resume and begin their respective seasons, you will be ready.

Originally, the opening day for the Major League Baseball season was March 26. Due to the pandemic, league officials are postponing it. There is no tentative date mentioned yet, but mid-May would be the earliest that the league could resume. Even then, there will be changes.

MLB Cancels Events

MLB Cancels GamesAside from the postponement of the season, overseas games are also cancelled. Sportsbook pay per head bookies will be addressing these cancellations to their players, of course. For June, the London Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs will be cancelled. They are supposed to play on June 13-14 at the West Ham Olympic Stadium. This would have been the second time that they would have played in Europe.

Aside from London, two series in Puerto Rico and Mexico are also cancelled. The San Diego Padres and the Arizona Diamondbacks are supposed to play in Mexico City in April 18-19. The New York Mets and the Miami Marlins are supposed to play in San Juan in April 28-30.

But keep in mind that when you fix your bookie software, the games for the series will be rescheduled. The venues will be held in the home team’s cities in Miami and Arizona. In addition to scheduling and venue changes, the league is also fixing advance pay. The terms will be set depending on the season continuing or being cancelled. But officials are trying their best to recover the season and prevent a multimillion dollar fiasco that will affect the lives of many.