MLB Will Have Major RestructuringWhen it comes to any cutthroat industry, one must change to thrive- quickly. In the sports world, change tends to happen gradually, but certain circumstances may drive sports leagues to adapt to be able to survive and offer their fans an enjoyable viewing experience. And there is no better example than the MLB in the current Covid-19 pandemic, as the MLB will have major restructuring so it can run its 2020 season.

Despite the major changes, your sportsbook pay per head software will be able to calculate the changes and reflect them in new lines that you can offer to your players. And from what we are seeing, the new schedule and divisions will surely be very exciting for your baseball betting fans. And since these games will be aired or streamed, you can safely enjoy watching the games from home, and your players can place their bets on their phones.

Major Restructuring

The MLB wants to maintain a very safe environment for its teams, which means minimizing travel and exposure to crowds. This means that the 100 games planned may not have a live audience. MLB officials are planning a late June to early July opening. Now is actually a good time to learn how to become a bookie, since a lot of major sports leagues are looking to open or resume in the summer.

Instead of its usual division, however, the league will now have three divisions that will be geographically divided. Furthermore, no interdivision games will happen. You will have Central, East, and West divisions. There will be more developments as we see officials from more concrete plans for the season. For now, get your sportsbook set up and read some pay per head reviews to get ideas on where you can launch your sportsbook from.