The Gambling Industry Committee of the House of Lords wants stricter UK online gambling regulations. The MPs call for stake limits, ban on gambling ads involving sports, and slowdown of online play.

The MPs were concerned that people might run up massive amounts of losses because they are stuck at home during the pandemic. Last week, a committee from the House of Commons said that the UK Gambling Commission failed to protect consumers.

The Gambling Industry Committee of the House of Lords asked for the ban of gambling ads on soccer shirts. They claimed that their suggestions were to prevent more gambling harm to consumers.

Stricter UK Online Gambling Regulations

MPs Want Stricter UK Online Gambling RegulationsThe gambling industry offers various products to consumers. Some of the products are highly addictive. The UKGC failed to create a system that will test all games against harm factors. As such, it was unable to stop highly addictive games from entering the market.

Based on the best sportsbook pay per head, the committee recommended reducing the speed of play and spin in online casinos. The MPs said that online counterparts should not be faster than the ones in a retail bookie, bingo hall, or casino.

The MPs asked the Gambling Commission to explain the responsibility of operators to determine customer affordability. Also, they want to make it clear that the operator takes steps to determine if the player is wagering more than one can afford.

According to sportsbook pay per head reports, the committee wanted to create a Gambling Ombudsman Service. It is an independent agency that will settle disputes between players and operators.

The MPs asked the UKGC to act on loot boxes as soon as possible. They want loot boxes in games to be regulated under gambling rules and regulations.

You can’t find the best bookie software in sports shirts if the MPs got their way. They want to ban gambling ads of any kind on shirts or any part of the kit.