The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc across the world. The latest of its victims, is the basketball world. A pay per head bookie or two would be nonplussed about the NCAA Basketball announcement. Because of the pandemic, college basketball will continue, but will be played without audiences. There is impact, of course, on games that will be played in a much more silent venue, but that requires a bit of adjusting of lines. This is, of course, easily managed.

NBA, NCAA Basketball Future

basketball bettingBut Pay Per Head bookies were shocked, to say the least, about the NBA announcement. You see, everyone was doing their usual thing, when word spread that an NBA player tests positive for Covid-19. This single case presses teams to test their players and staff. This, of course, lead to the suspension of the rest of the NBA season.

Removing NBA in your pay per head sportsbook is quite worrisome for bookies. There is no word yet on when the league will resume the season. Of course, since the virus could be spread far before any symptoms show, it may be possible that the infected player, Rudy Gobert (Utah center), has contaminated other people as well. Ironic since a few days before, Gobert was seen touching the mics on set up, joking about the virus. Little did he know that he was spreading it to unwitting people.

Sports Betting Effects

Of course, losing games means losing the chances to offer wagers. Futures wagers are on hold, while wagers on the scheduled games being refudned. But being optimistic, the NBA is the only league that is suspending its season. So far, sports leagues like the NHL are still not cancelling their games. Same with the MLB.

Of course, everything NBA related in your sportsbook will be labeled as “No Action”, for now. As for NCAA basketball, bettors will be curious about home court advantage and if it still works without an audience. This will also be the case with most sports, even in European soccer leagues. And until we know what will happen, enterprising bookies are already offering wagers on when the NBA will resume their regular season schedule. It is, after all, an opportunity you can still make money off.