When you run your own online sportsbook, using the best bookie software will help you track your operations. With the help of your software, you will see your handle, revenue, and be able to identify trends in betting. For instance, when it comes to New York sportsbooks, the weekly trend of seeing a single digit hold percentage rarely extends to more than a week. They usually jump back to the double-digit range, such as what we saw in the latest weekly sports betting report from the state.

Looking at the latest numbers from the New York Gaming Commission, we have the sports betting numbers for the week ending June 23. And the 8.9% hold of the previous week jumps to 11.5%. This gives the state’s sportsbooks the highest weekly revenue for the month at $38.2 million.


New York Sportsbooks Weekly Numbers

New York Sportsbooks See Highest Weekly Revenue within JuneIts remarkable that we are even seeing a jump in revenue, considering the weekly handle dropped by 8.2% week-on-week. The handle for the week ending June 23 is at $333.1 million. The dip in handle is attributed to fewer basketball games- with just 1 NBA Finals Game in that week. This is the period where the Boston Celtics beat the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5, therefore winning the NBA Championship and ending the season.

However, betting numbers are still good, as other sports like the NHL held its Finals series as the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers played two games in that week.

It is also worth noting that the weekly revenue streak of more than $30 million a week is now at its 7th straight week. In 9/10 weeks, the revenue sits comfortably above the $30 million mark. Not a lot of states can boast of that high a revenue in just a week’s time.

What to Expect in the New York Sports Betting Market

New York Sportsbooks See Highest Weekly Revenue within JuneAs we enter summer, most in the industry are expecting a drop in activity. This is the season where most of the popular US sports leagues, both professional and collegiate, are in their offseason. You do have the MLB and European Soccer like the Euro 2024 running through July. You also have Wimbledon for Tennis, so there are still quite a few options for bettors. Your pay per head sportsbook software will have all the events available, so you need not worry about what you can offer to your players.

In addition, you also have the 2024 Paris Olympics starting in July. The weeks leading up to the Summer Olympics should keep sportsbooks busy. And even though numbers are expected to drop, we are optimistic that sportsbooks will generate a high enough win rate to boost revenue during the next few months. Check these pay per head reviews for the best bookie software that you can use to help you manage your sportsbook even during the less busier months of the year.


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