Throughout the year we have seen the developments of legalized sports betting across the US. States are forming laws to regulate sports betting, and sports leagues are trying to get a piece of the pie. If not through the controversial integrity fees, then through partnerships and sponsorships. First to sign was the NBA, and now, 2019 starts with the NFL joining in.

The National Football League, or the NFL, now has Caesars Entertainment Corporation as their official first gaming sponsor. This begins at the Playoffs this 2019. Their agreement is a multi-year contract that will offer to its fans new and unique experiences through their casino properties and its wide entertainment features.

NFL and the Deal

The NFL gives Caesars exclusive rights to use their trademarks, both in the US and in the UK. They will be for the purpose of promoting Caesars casinos and for key NFL events like the draft and the Super Bowl. Any pay per head bookie knows how profitable the NFL season is, and this agreement will benefit both the NFL and Caesars generously.

The announcement for this venture also gives mention of relationships that Caesars has with 8 teams in the football league. It also mentions that any partnerships, league wide or team-specific, is only limited to their casino category and not sports betting, hotels, resorts, and daily fantasy.

Interestingly, their agreement does not include usage of official game data for betting. This clause is usually present in the agreements and partnerships we see between casinos and sports leagues.

Looking back, the league was very adamant in their opposition of sports betting being legalized. Of course, the supreme court decision is changing the sports betting landscape. And instead of being left behind in the dust, they are slowly relaxing their views on gaming partnerships.

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