In our latest gambling news, we’re taking a look at online casinos and sportsbooks in Delaware. Looking at the numbers recently released by the Delaware Lottery, the state’s oversight agency for gambling, we can see that sportsbooks have lower numbers, while igaming has been doing well. This is why when you learn to be an online bookie, we always recommend diversifying your portfolio by offering casino gaming as well as horse racing.

This can be especially helpful during the summer months, when sports betting is a bit lean since there are less betting options. For Delaware, sports betting revenue in the state’s sportsbooks drops by 27.5% compared to its year-on-year numbers from July 2021. However, the $383,249 betting handle is still better by 80.12% from June’s $212,768. Of course, many pay per head operators look at monthly and year-on-year numbers to determine how successful their sportsbooks are. So make sure that you keep track of your through your software as well.

Casinos and Sportsbooks in Delaware

Online Casinos Outperform Sportsbooks in Delaware this JulyIgaming in Delaware is doing well, with the revenue for the month at $1.25 million. This is 58.1% higher than July of last year. It is also higher than June 2022’s $1.12 million revenue. Looking at the numbers, experts agree that Delaware’s gambling industry is performing well, and even better than other states. The only unique issue here is that we are seeing an unusual growth in betting in July (one of the few rare states to do so), but record a lower year-to-year revenue.

Given the structure of sports betting in Delaware, it could be the reason why we are seeing lower numbers. But it still shows us a certain level of growth that we hope the states could sustain as the months go on. Remember this in your sportsbook pay per head: the sports calendar will now move to the part where things get more exciting: football season will start soon. Hopefully then we will see Delaware see better numbers in sports betting.


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