When you become a PPH bookie, you get access to a service where you can easily manage your sportsbook. Your lines are covered. So, you will just need to tweak them as needed. Your players’ wagers are automatically logged and tallied. Then, you can easily view the wagers made in your whole sportsbook in at a glance. But in terms of player management, its more than just creating profiles for your players. Setting player limits is an important part of managing your sportsbook. Today we’ll talk about how you should go about it.

When you are setting player limits, you are using your sportsbook pay per head to set the minimum bet your player can make. Also, you need to set the maximum bet that you player can make. This is important as this will determine how much risk you will be taking on from your player, and how much you stand to earn from this player as well.

Setting Player Limits

Setting Player Limits in Your SportsbookIn pay per head services by 9DollarPerHead.com and the like, you can customize your players’ betting limits individually. Not only that, but you can adjust this at any time you want to. This means that you get the flexibility of adjusting your sportsbook to how you need it to function, when you need to. Your minimum wager is the lowest bet amount your player can make. Its up to you if you want to set it to as low as other sportsbooks do at $1. But, if you want to guarantee at least a return on your per head fees, then you can put in any amount.

As for the maximum bet, its also your call as to how much you want to set. As mentioned earlier, this is also the amount each wager that you are willing to bankroll if it wins. You can start of with a specific amount for each player. Then, as your player bets on and on, and you can see their betting behaviors, then you can increase or decrease these limits as you see fit. Remember that setting too high a limit can be a financial risk to you. But setting a limit that is too low will also make your players feel that you do not trust them, and that you are not capable of handling bigger transactions. Which of course, would make them go to another sportsbook who can accommodate their requests. You can easily talk to your players should they request for this. As long as you are able to find the perfect balance with your player limits, then your sportsbook stands to earn a lot from your players.


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