Everyone who runs a PPH Sportsbook knows the potential to earn increases when there are more wagering options. This is mostly done to gain the continuous business from players. But this can also entice your players to invite more people, and to even expand in their own wagering preferences.

One of the ways that sports betting can get spruced up, is to add prop bets during games. These bets, are not directly related to the outcome of the game. Rather, these are bets on who scores first, or if the singer during halftime will perform for more than 4 minutes, or something like that.

Game of Thrones Wagers

There are also bets you can make with sportsbooks that are about politics, or the entertainment industry as well. Case in point: Game of Thrones wagers. The popular HBO hit series from the books of George R.R. Martin are about to end soon. They have seven episodes left. And knowing how the plot twists to hard and so fast, you’ll never know who ends up dead or crowned in Westeros.

And what is a little fun if you can’t bet on who will ultimately win the throne as the show ends? OF course, the Stark siblings are still in the running for the throne. The odds for the siblings are: Bran at 2/3 odds. And teenage years wise, that kid is now the Three Eyed Raven, so the odds are strong with Bran and his powers. Jon Snow is at 6/1, Sansa is 8/1, and Arya is 18/1.

Gendry (remember Robert Baratheon’s bastard son?) is also in the list for 15/1. Fan favorite Tyrion Lannister is also in the list with 10/1. Sister Cersei Lannister is at 25/1. The Night King is also included at 10/1. The Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen is 12/1.  Even Davos is here at 80/1. In fact, you can add all cast members who are so far still alive and make this fun.

So, if your friends are not interested in sports betting gambling news, you can let them get their geek on and start betting on who will rule Westeros when season 8 ends.


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