The numbers for sports betting in Italy are a bit lower in August compared to July, but is higher than it was compared to August last year. In the latest gambling industry news for Italy, the numbers for August has been released. Last July, Italy recorded a €114.3 million revenue for both online and retail sports betting. For August, Italy’s sports betting revenue hit €111.4 million. Despite being slightly lower than July, it is still 34.4% higher than the revenues from August 2017. Besides, the numbers for July include revenues from the FIFA World Cup which was held in Russia.

Online betting is at a bit below €50 million last July, which is 27.8% higher than July last year. Looking at the year-to-date numbers, the revenue for online betting us up by 41.5% at €411.4 million. Online Casino revenues are also up by 26% compared to August last year, on year-on-year numbers with €56.5 million. Looking that the year-to-date numbers for this year, the revenue for online casinos have increased by over a million Euro with €458.8 million compared to 2017. To get a piece of the action, you just need to sign up with a trusted sportsbook PPH company.

Sports Betting in Italy- Will the Numbers Change?

The next few months, however, will be indicative of the effects of Italy’s ban on advertising and sponsorships for anything gambling related. Last month, their parliament passed a law that bans all gambling advertising and will be put into effect in January next year. This poses problems with companies who have already paid for advertising, as well as sponsorships deals with sports leagues.

Even if this law will be effective starting next year, companies like Google and Facebook have already adjusted their search platforms that are compliant to the new law. The result? A lot of offshore and unlicensed operators came out on top of the searches. Only time will tell if the revenues from licensed operators will change, and if the Italian government will lose revenue from the taxes on gambling as well.


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