We are just past the halfway mark of the year. And while we still do not have the numbers for sports betting in the US for June, its safe to assume that the first half of the year has been great. The industry started out strong in January, where many states recorded the highest monthly sports betting handles. It was very inspiring for those learning how to become a bookie, as it shows us the promise of a good year in gambling.

Each state’s local betting market performs differently, as they have different policies. For instance, Tennessee only offers online sports betting, and so does Virginia. But North Carolina only offers retail sports betting, while the rest offer both retail and online sports betting. The popularity of bookie pay per head services are also increasing, with the growth in 2021 doing better than expected.

Sports Betting in the US

Sports Betting in the US for the Rest of 2021Now that we are halfway through the year, what can we expect from sports betting in the US? First, let us look at the possible states that will start opening their betting markets. Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington state, and Wisconsin are the top runners for the rest of the year. The goal of many in the bookie software industry is to be live before football season starts in September. Football is the biggest revenue generator for sportsbooks, as both the NFL and college football take in a lot of action from sports bettors across the country.

But 2021 is not just about the opening of new markets. It is also about expanding existing markets. This can be done through many ways. For instance, opening up to offering more sports events in your sportsbook can generate more income for you. Likewise, adding an online casino, or even horse racing can drive up your profits. Given how online gambling continues to expand, offering new products, new wager types, and the like, has also helped many sports betting companies increase their profits this year alone.


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