Colorado and Tennessee join the growing list of states that are allowing sports betting. If the bills are passed into law, this means that residents will be able to place wagers locally, or, if mobile sports betting is allowed, be able to place wagers through sportsbook software sites and apps. There are a lot of sportsbook pay per head services available for future operators, as sports betting has been legal in other countries for a long while.

For Tennessee, a Senate committee approved the bill, which will be up for voting on the floor. It was not an easy road, as the bill has gone through a lot of discussion and debate within the house. The House of Representatives voted for the bill with 58 for and 37 against, which legalizes sports betting.

Colorado and Tennessee Houses Pass Bills

Of course, this is a landmark bill since this is the country’s first online only sports betting bill. Most bills one would see on gambling news allow for land-based betting only, or offering both online and land-based. The uniqueness of the bill is courtesy of the state not having any groundwork on gambling. With this, legislators have decided on just allowing online wagering.

As for the state’s senate, their finance committee also made the sports betting bill to be up for voting. The voting for this will still be scheduled. However, the biggest hindrance of this bill turning into law is Republican Governor Bill Lee, who is not in favor of legalizing sports betting.

As for Colorado, the bill on sports betting swiftly made its way up to approval and is now on its way to the office of the governor for signing. The bill will allow for voters to decide on the matter this coming November. However, the bill lacks substance and opportunity for new operators, so this bill, if it passes, may or may not impact on the state too well.

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