The NCAA Tournament is about to begin. As a result, there are many March Madness promos offered to consumers that you can read in gambling news during this time of the year. SugarHouse is hopping on the hype train with its own bracket challenge. In addition, it has bonus bets and other casino promos.

The bracket challenge is one of the most common March Madness promos. SugarHouse has its own version where it gives out bonus bets and $1,000 for the top bracket. Also, it has a casino event coinciding with the NCAA Tournament.

SugarHouse also combined sports betting with slots with its March Mania Casino promo. Players bet on sets of slot machines as teams compete against each other.

SugarHouse March Madness Promos

SugarHouse Announces Bookie and Casino March Madness PromosIf you love sports betting then you know what a bracket challenge is. In case you are new to sports betting, the goal of a bracket challenge is to attempt to predict how a tournament plays out before the first tip-off. A bookie pay per head provider has a set of prizes for the right picks.

However, SugarHouse does a little tweak to the bracket challenge. Instead of rewarding based on results, the company will award players points for each correct pick. In fact, you’ll get 160 points if you pick the right team to win the NCAA championship.

If you bet at least $25 on one of your picks, SugarHouse will award you four times the bonus points. That means you’ll get 640 points for the championship. In addition, the casino has a cash prize pool for overall brackets.

Slots March Mania

When it comes to its casino operations, SugarHouse will pit slots teams against each other. Each week, there will be two teams of four slots battling for the highest amount of wagers. Players who pick the right team will get 10 percent bonus money back on net losses on the winning slots. If you love slots, then make sure you play the right theme for the week to qualify.

SugarHouse is just one of the sportsbooks with March Madness promos. Read bookie pay per head reviews to find more sportsbooks to bet on during the NCAA Tournament.


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