Sports betting in Florida is becoming more chaotic as the months pass by. And early this week, it became even more complicated than ever. A federal judge overturned the state’s gambling compact with the Seminole tribe. The ruling states that the sports betting plan violates the state’s constitution as well as federal Indian gambling law. The tribe has already fled for a notice of appeal.

Given how easy it is to open a bookie website, it may seem a bit complex for us to try to understand what is happening in Florida. On one hand, you have tribal casinos wanting a monopoly on sports betting. You also have sports betting operators wanting to set up shop in Florida. You also have anti-gambling organizations trying to stonewall both sectors.

Sports Betting in Florida

The Chaos of Sports Betting in FloridaWhen learning how to become a bookie, one of the first things experts teach you is to get to know your players. Florida is ripe with potential customers. Offering sports betting- both retail and online, will be a very lucrative move on the part of the state. Especially since the state can collect taxes on sports betting revenue. Now, even the existing sports betting operations of the tribal casinos will grind to a halt, leaving residents with no way to place bets on their favorite teams.

Many sportsbook pay per head bookies earn so much from Florida bettors, and the state’s refusal to acknowledge the economic benefits of sports betting is a bit outdated. Even states like New York are now changing tunes and embracing online sports betting within their borders. However, due to the law, as well as many other complexities in Florida’s political and gambling landscape, it will take years before we can see a robust sports betting industry similar to Iowa, Tennessee, or Nevada.


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