The Wyoming sports betting market is now open, and its first month saw $6,242,469 in wagers. The $6.2 million total sports betting handle for the state covers the period from September 1, and comes in just before the National Football League (NFL) started. For those who are earning well through sportsbook software such as Bwager, the start of college football was also a welcome addition to September sports betting events.

Meanwhile, the gross gaming revenue for the month is at $954,416. However, the net sports betting revenue is at -$1233,970. The total tax amount is also in the negative, at -$12,398. For those of you who want to be an online bookie, these numbers should not scare you, as this is normal for newly launched betting markets. As with any new business, you initially have to spend on marketing. With sportsbooks, these come in the form of welcome bonuses, and other specific bonuses or promotions for Wyoming sportsbooks.

Wyoming Sports Betting Market

The First Month Report of Wyoming Sports Betting is OutWyoming is an online-only sports betting market, so all of the data we have come from online sportsbooks. Similar to many sportsbooks from a pay per head service, the breakdown for sports betting in Wyoming shows football as its top source for wagers. Football accounts for $3,645,747, taking in 58% of all wagers made. Next up is baseball, with a $959,590 handle, then soccer at third with a $166.473 handle.

Tennis comes in at 4th with a $116,332 total handle, with basketball rounding up the top 5 at $98,790. As for parlays, it accounts for $1,090,664 of the total handle for the month. There are currently only two online sportsbooks in Wyoming. So, if we were to see more sportsbooks in the market, we will definitely see higher numbers from the state. Of course, the NBA and NHL starting in October will definitely be boosting the handle for Wyoming sportsbooks in the next month as well.


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