Many in the sports betting industry keep track of emerging and growing betting markets across the country. Even in individual sportsbooks that use a pay per head service, we can see how wagering grows in popularity. With more states legalizing sports betting in the US, it becomes easier to spot the states that do not allow any form of sports wagering in their area. In New England, for instance, the only state without any sportsbooks operating is Vermont. What is in the cards for sports betting in Vermont?

Before we answer this, let’s take a look back at the history of sports betting in Vermont. Earlier this year, a bill relating to sports betting was passed. But is not what you think. The state’s bill allows for the creation of the Sports Betting Study Committee. The committee will be studying sports betting, particularly regional and local, and determine what form of sports betting could be considered, and other regulations needed. They will then form a recommendation which they will report to the Legislature.

Sports Betting in Vermont: What to Expect

The Future of Sports Betting in VermontThe committee has studied sports betting markets, particularly that of neighboring states. They also took into consideration their local population, looking at density, and more. They also studied accessibility to facilities, and the like. Similar to when you use a bookie pay per head sportsbook, you want to know more about your potential customers. This will help you know what products to offer. And their observation, is that given how Vermont is a rural state, it may benefit residents to have online sports betting instead of retail sports betting.

There is merit to this, as seen in New Hampshire. The state’s sportsbook sees 80% of the handle coming in from their online sportsbook, with only 20% of wagers from retail sportsbooks. Vermont may follow this path, and go exclusively online for sports betting, and they can always revisit retail sports betting in the future. The best bookie software can give your players easy access to the best online sports betting experience, and Vermont residents could possibly see this happen next year, depending on the legislature.


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