Nevada is one of the first, and best sports betting markets in the country. And since Las Vegas is the capital city for gambling in the US, its not surprising. And even throughout the pandemic, when casinos and retail sportsbooks were shut down, gambling thrived. Many who want to be an online bookie should draw inspiration from states that continue to develop their betting markets. While they are bigger operators, it still is a good indicator that the demand for sports betting is still growing. Something you can confirm with the Nevada sports betting handle. Which means you, as a bookie, can earn well in the short to long term.

Many bookie pay per head sportsbooks saw good action in November, with football as the top sport that many bet on. In the case of Nevada, Football has $501, 783,154 in handle for November alone. This is $60.66 million more than its Football handle back in November 2019 of $441,123,139. The football wagers are from both professional football and college football. It is also the highest betting handle of football in the state.

Nevada Sports Betting

The Nevada Sports Betting Handle: Football Betting is UpLooking the general numbers, Nevada’s betting handle for November is $609,376,849 million. This is actually lower than October’s handle of $659,899,331. 7.7%, or $50.3 million lower than the previous month. Its year-on-year numbers are also down, but only by 0.8%. Even the mobile betting handle was down by 8.7% to $343,947,368 for November. But the state’s revenue is a different story. The sports betting revenue of Nevada for November is $61,807,000. This is significantly higher than the previous month- 45.8%.

As pointed out by many experts in the field, one of the biggest factors that holds the state back is the in-person requirement for online sports betting. Usually, by using the best bookie software, bookies offer players easy access to online sportsbooks from anywhere. But due to the registration requirement, Nevada residents need to visit a retail sportsbook to register before they can go online to place bets. This is a restriction that New Jersey, the biggest market in the US, does not have. If they are capable to removing the in-person registration requirement, then it would be very easy for Nevada to get its numbers up to rival that of New Jersey’s.


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