If you want to be an online bookie, you need to study the sports betting industry, the many markets you can find in your area, and your customer base as well. It helps to read about the latest sports betting reports because it gives you an idea on what is happening, and you can easily compare your own sportsbook’s performance. With that, you can see if your sportsbook is more or less within the trend, or something internal to your sportsbook operation. And a new market such as sports betting in Massachusetts is one worth keeping track of.

You can open a bookie website the easy way with a good bookie software, and it will help you track your sportsbook’s activity. For Massachusetts, its first month offering sports betting is good, and many in the industry look forward to seeing how it will grow in the months to come.



Sports Betting in Massachusetts

The Numbers for the First Month of Sports Betting in Massachusetts is OutThe first month with sports betting in the state covers February, where sportsbooks in the state took in $25.7 million in retail sports betting. Sports betting went live in the state back on January 31. Online wagering went live just this March 10, so the numbers for the report are retail-only.

As a pay per head bookie, you can earn a lot from sports betting. For instance, the handle included in the report only covers 3 retail sportsbooks, and yet they earned around $2 million in taxable revenue altogether. The hold percentage is at 8% for its first month. 

Of course, many expect the numbers to increase in the next month as awareness increases. And, of course, online sports betting. If you look at states that offer both retail and online wagering, online sports betting tends to take the majority of the wagers in their respective markets. And this is something that we could see in Massachusetts.


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