Sports betting is here to stay. And with the US, which is expected to grow into one of the biggest betting markets, slowly getting on board, the global market will only increase in value. Sports betting software is helping people across the world gain access. And to be an online bookie, there are a lot of ways that technology can help you succeed. Sportsbooks run by the best pay per head bookie all show an increased interest in US based sports.

The UFC is one of them. Although their fights are not as frequent as football or basketball games, mixed martial arts is still very popular. In fact, they enjoy an audience (and a betting market), from across the world. And the UFC is ready to join the fray and welcome sports betting

Sportsbooks and Data Apps

As a bookie, you need to keep track of updates and news from the sports you offer wagers for. Any change in schedule, venue, lineup, and more can affect your lines, which should be adjusted accordingly. So getting access to game data is very important. This is something the UFC acknowledges. In fact, they even developed their own UFC betting app that will use data to offer gambling options to sports betting providers.

This UFC Event Center and its feed brings the UFC to the gambling world and facilitates better data access to sportsbooks. So for fans to be able to see data and be able to place bets live, is a great option to gain revenue for your sportsbooks. The data that will be included contains marketing collateral like logos, fighter bios and photos. They can be purchased and used through a licensing fee and gross gaming yield. The cost of the service has not been announced yet, though.