Sports leagues across the world have started to embrace sports betting. Some ignore it, some protect their leagues from it, while some welcome them with open arms – and with a percentage. And sports betting companies are flourishing, although they do face a lot of fees and regulations and taxes. The line, however, is drawn when sports leagues are asking for fees, or cuts from revenues. The MLB has asked for this, and they were slammed by sports betting operators in the US. The same is happening across the pond in the UK Gambling industry.

The UK operators are against the proposal of the Football Association to get a cut out of the revenues of local sportsbooks. A top bookie Pay Per Head provider from a reliable international company does give its bookies a lot of opportunities to earn money from betting on sports.

UK Gambling Industry’s Argument

But local operators are complaining because it is unfair. Since the legalization of sports betting, sports leagues have enjoyed jumps in revenue. First off, they gain more people in attendance, which increases ticket sales. This also leads to increase in merchandise profits. They also gain a wider viewership online, through cable, or network subscriptions. This can very easily be translated into income from advertisement. They also get income from sponsorships from big sportsbooks as well.

And operators are taking a stand on this, since their profits are already being cut from taxes, fees, and other expenses that are unique to their industry. A quick check in gambling industry news will show you how different countries are dealing with their respective local gambling industries. Of course, these are all discussions and announcements so far. Quite surprising too, as just over a year ago, the Football Association deemed it too filthy for gambling to be tied to their organization.


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