In the latest in sports betting news, the Virginia sportsbook market sees a slight increase in sports betting handle for August. For those who want to be an online bookie the smart and easy way, there is no better time to get into sports betting than now. Looking at the numbers from the Virginia Lottery’s report, the state has a total sports betting handle of $182.4 million for August. This is 12.7% higher than July’s handle of $162 million.

The increase in handle is reflective of the overall trend in sports betting across the country, where states and sportsbook sports betting software bookies are now seeing an upward tick in betting handle and revenue. With the NFL preseason, plus the beginning of college football, many sportsbooks are getting more action. This is Virginia’s eighth month in the sports betting industry, having started back in January.

Virginia Sportsbook Market

Virginia Sportsbook Market Sees Increase in Betting HandleThe Virginia sports betting market is doing well, all things considered. In the span of just 8 months, we have seen almost $1.7 billion worth of betting handle in the state. This puts Virginia in the top 10 highest all-time betting handles across the country. The highest monthly handle that the state has seen was back in March, with $304 million.

Many sports betting bookie software providers are looking at better months ahead. Of course, as with the case of Virginia, promos in sportsbooks could bring in more handle. And as we look toward September’s NFL season, and the NBA’s October opening, getting more players in your sportsbook through promos is a great way to expand your operations and increase your revenues.


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