If you have gone through our bookie tutorials, then you would see that other casino games are a popular add-on feature for any pay per head bookie sportsbook. There is a huge, multi-million market for casino games, and poker is one of the most popular games.

In fact, poker tournaments make serious money, and there are a few major poker tournaments throughout the year. You can learn about the different types of gambling and sites that offer both sportsbooks and casino games in pay per head reviews. This is a must if you want to know how to be a bookie.

WSOP Breaks Record with Entrants

The World Series of Poker, or the WSOP, is one of the most popular tournaments. This year, a record-breaking 28,371 players have entered into the competition to play for the WSOP Big 50. This is a 500 buy-in poker event. There is a guaranteed $5 million prize pool, where the winner will get $1 million. The number of entrants broke the record for the most participants for a single live poker tournament.

This event celebrates the 50th annual WSOP. Each player will start with a 50,000 chip stack. Levels will be 50 minutes long. Everyone’s $500 buy in goes to the prize pool, while re-entries will be raked of course.

The final day of the WSOP Big 50 is today, so all eyes are on who will win the $1 million prize. There are seven players left in the game. You have Femi Fashakin who is leading with 314,000,000. If Fashakin wins, this will be his first WSOP title. Just a bit behind him is Walter Atwood, who has 297,000,000. Third on the list is Rafi Elhahar with 227,500,000.

You also have Paul Cullen with 191,500,000, Nicholas Chow with 170,000,000, and Adrian Curry at 126,000,000. Lastly, Daniel Ghobrial makes the list with 101,000,000.


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