The Wyoming sportsbook industry will be open just in time for football season. The NFL is one of the biggest sports betting seasons in many sportsbook pph sites. It would be smart to operate before opening week. The NFL will open on September 9, so expect sportsbooks to start offering pre-registration and see opening lines on the first week of the NFS season. Wyoming is one of the few states in 2021 that has legalized sports betting.

Despite starting late if we compare them with other states, Wyoming is actually moving at a fast pace. Especially since the deadline set to put the law into effect is September 1, 2021. Wyoming will also be the second state (next to Tennessee) in the country to offer an online-only betting industry. Virginia is also the same. However, once retail casinos and brick and mortar sportsbooks are built, Virginia can offer retail sports betting too.

Wyoming Sportsbook Industry

Wyoming Sportsbook Industry Could Open in SeptemberAnd, similar to Tennessee, there is no limit to the number of sportsbook operators who can apply and operate. Many bookie software users attest to the profitability of online wagering, especially during a pandemic when people are encouraged to stay home. Once sports betting in the state goes live, residents 18 years old and above may sign up and place wagers online. This is historic as well, as Wyoming will be one of the first few states that will not require bettors to be at least 21 years old to place a bet.

Wyoming sportsbooks can apply for licenses with a $100,000 fee, with an annual $50,000 renewal fee. Experts are estimating that the Wyoming sports betting market could be as much as $450 million. The state will collect 10% tax on gaming revenues. For those who do want to explore having their own online sportsbook, make sure you are using the best sportsbook pay per head to maximize your profit.


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