The upcoming 2024 NHL All Star Weekend schedule is out, and there are more events that will stretch the program to three days. The National Hockey League will be instead starting on a Thursday instead of Friday. Therefore stretching the event to three days. There is ample time for you to get your bookie pay per head software set up to prepare for this weekend filled with various events.

February 1 will be the start of the weekend with NHL All Star Thursday that includes a player draft. The women’s hockey showcase will also be returning. For those who are new to betting and are still learning how to become a hockey bookie, this is only the fourth time that the NHL is letting players to choose their own teams. It makes for a much more exciting weekend for professional hockey.

2024 NHL All Star Weekend Schedule

2024 NHL All Star Weekend Schedule Adds More EventsAs for the All Star, Team Captains will base on the selection of their  respective celebrity pairings. The announcement on celebrities and NHL player captains will be in January. You may actually even see lines available on who will be be captain. There could also be odds who the celebrity captain is in your sports betting software. But for the actual All Star Weekend, the player draft will happen on the first day. Then the league will also be honoring the 1967 Maple Leafs as the NHL Alumni Men of the Year. The league will also host a women’s hockey 3-on-3 showcase from the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL), a league that debuts next year.

On February 2, the NHL All Stars Skills event will be held. Then the All Star Game on the following day, February 3. The upcoming All Star will be hosted by the city of Toronto and the Maple Leafs. There is more than enough time to promote this event to your players, especially to those who love betting on hockey. Offering some promos on prop bets for the All Star could not only be exciting for your players, but also be a profitable event for your own sportsbook.


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