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The Latest NFL News and Headlines

Patrick Mahomes’s father arrested on DWI charge

Last Saturday, Patrick Mahomes’s father arrested on DWI charge in Tyler, TX. According to jail records in Smith County, Texas His bail was set at $10,000 and was released on Sunday. The DWI charges is a third-degree felony charge and If convicted, he could receive up...

Commanders Switch Quarterbacks for Week 17

In the latest sports news, we are taking a look at one of the bigger roster changes for a popular NFL team this coming Week 17. The Washington Commanders will be facing the San Francisco 49ers, and we will be seeing a new change in the lineup as the Commanders switch...

NFL Preview: Bengals Versus Ravens

Today, in the latest sports news, we are taking a look at the Bengals versus Ravens game for Thursday Night Football. The two AFC North teams are both coming in from close-call losses last week, and are hoping for a better outcome this week. The Ravens had quite the...

NFL Announces New Rule in Football All Star Eligibility

In the latest sports news, the NFL has announced a major change in policy when it comes to college football All Star eligibility. Those who are into sports betting know how important these are. Anything to do with hiring players can affect the betting lines for events...

NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell Agree to Contract Extension

When you want to become a football bookie, you need to stay on top of the latest news and developments in the sport. Not just with the games, teams, and players, but also what happens behind the scenes. Changes in leadership in teams, and even the league, can take...

Popular NFL Sportsbook Favorite Steelers Make Changes After Texans Loss

The popular NFL sportsbook favorite Steelers suffered a dismal 30-6 loss to the Texans on Sunday Night Football. Fans and bettors have been clamoring for changes to be made. The team is making some changes, but is it what the fans want? Let us take a look at what...

Player Transfers and Your NFL Sportsbook Update: Jonathan Taylor

Whether you are a bookie, or a sports bettor, knowing the big players in each team, league, and sport is important. Players who contribute a lot to the team can, after all, alter the projections of a certain team if they are out on injuries, or, even more, when they...

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