In the latest sports news, we are taking a look at one of the bigger roster changes for a popular NFL team this coming Week 17. The Washington Commanders will be facing the San Francisco 49ers, and we will be seeing a new change in the lineup as the Commanders switch Quarterbacks. Rookie Sam Howell has been the starting quarterback for Washington this season. And he has gone 4-11 so far, so maybe the chance would do the Commanders good in their next game.

Coming to relieve Howell, is Jacoby Brissett, who will be getting his first start in the season against the 49ers. If you want to be an online bookie, you should keep track of changes in the roster since this can largely affect an outcome of a game. Therefore, it could also affect betting lines.


Commanders Switch Quarterbacks

Commanders Switch Quarterbacks for Week 17Jacoby Brissett, 31, will have his 49th start in the NFL. Those who find him familiar in your sports betting software will probably remember seeing his name in lines back in 2016. As a rookie, he was a third-round picks and won himself a Super Bowl ring playing back up for Tom Brady. Last season, Brissett was playing for the Browns. He started for 11 games for them. He has thrown more than twice as many career touchdown passes (51) than interceptions (23) so far.

Howell has been playing decently this season. But he is playing as expected for a quarterback who still needs a little more experience. He has 19 touchdowns and 3.624 passing yards, with a league-high 17 interceptions. Putting him back will give him the opportunity to see a more experienced quarterback in the field. Hopefully this will help him learn from this.

Of course, this will be for the last two games of the team this season, so we yet to see how this affects the Commanders overall. One thing is for sure, their last games will be very exciting. With a new quarterback, the dynamics for betting will be refreshing as well. So if you want to earn from NFL betting before the playoffs begin, take a look at this Bookie PPH software and see how they can help you start a sportsbook.


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