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New York Knicks Trade Update

Much of what we read in the latest NBA news now are centered on trade updates. This season, there are quite a lot of trades that have proven fruitful for a number of NBA teams. One such trade was that of OG Anunoby, who has quickly established himself as a productive...

Arizona Starts the Season at Top Spot After Beating Duke

In the latest college basketball news, Arizona starts the season at top spot in power rankings after winning a road game against Duke. And Arizona has been quite the favorite lately, which you can see in your sportsbook. Your bookie pay per head service comes with the...

Spurs Versus Kings: NBA Game Preview

The San Antonio Spurs are very popular in basketball sportsbooks, mostly due to their latest addition to the team. This is despite a rocky start to the season with them at 3-8. And with them hosting the Sacramento Kings, who are 6-4, is there a chance for them to...

What to Expect from the Big 12 in the 2023-24 Season

If you are placing bets on your favorite March Madness teams, make sure you check the conferences they are a part of. Remember that there is a huge reshuffling of teams throughout conferences in the NCAA, changing the whole landscape of college sports. For today, we...

Andre Iguodala Retires After 19 Seasons in the NBA

In the latest NBA news, the league will be short of one decorated player as Andre Iguodala retires from the NBA. Iguodala is well known in the sports betting industry as one of the most reliable players in the league. Many bookies who use the best sportsbook pay per...

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