If you are placing bets on your favorite March Madness teams, make sure you check the conferences they are a part of. Remember that there is a huge reshuffling of teams throughout conferences in the NCAA, changing the whole landscape of college sports. For today, we will focus on what to expect from the Big 12 in the 2023-24 season with new schools in the mix.

Four new teams will be joining the Big 12, so who will be the favorite to win the conference title? According to handicappers, Kansas still stays on top as the team many think will win the conference. When becoming a bookie, you will be using an online bookie software to help you manage the lines. And when you do, take a look at the futures wagers for the NCAA basketball finals. Its more than likely that you will see KU at the top spot to win the whole tournament as well.

The Big 12 in the 2023-24 Season

What to Expect from the Big 12 in the 2023-24 SeasonKansas is capable of delivering, of course. They have consistently performed well in the regular season over the past 17 seasons, and are always a popular option as favorites in sportsbooks. It will be challenging for them though.

When you learn to be an online bookie, understanding how a league’s season runs is important in predicting futures bets. For Kansas, they will need to beat their usual competition: Baylor, Texas, Kansas State, and the like. And this season, they will learn to play in the same conference as Houston, Cincinnati, UCF, and BYU.

Among these teams, Houston will probably be their toughest competition. Hall of Fame coach Kelvin Sampson has something up his sleeves, and we are looking forward to seeing it unfold. Baylor, despite a 0-3 start last season, have an amazing offense- perhaps the best in the conference. Texas is also a team to watch out for. They are very underrated, and easily underestimated. That means there could be value in looking at them as underdogs.


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