Are you an avid horse racing fan or a horse racing bettor and want to turn your passion into something more profitable? Look no further as our tutorial will show you how to start a horse betting site.

Here, we will help you learn how to create an manage your own horse betting site. We will also help you find the best horse racing platform you can use.

What Do You Need to Become a Horse Betting Bookie

In order for you to successfully own a horse betting site, you will need to learn everything you can about horse racing and how betting is made in this sport. Even if you already bet on horse racing or always watch races, there are still more aspects of horse racing you need to understand. This involves learning about the basics of horse racing such as:

  • How to Start a Horse Betting SiteThe most popular horse racing events. There are thousands of races happening around the world throughout the year- and sportsbooks cover all of these events. However, some races attract a larger audience and bettors, so you need to know the top events from the Kentucky Derby, the Dubai World Cup, to the Royal Ascot.
  • The latest horse racing developments and news. Like with any sport, you need to know the latest updates in horse racing. Are there changes to rules and qualifications of certain tournaments? Are there any new updates on injuries for both horses and jockeys? These changes can affect the lines, so you need to know these things to be better prepared.
  • How horse betting odds are made. Of course, before offering horse betting odds to your players, you need to have at least a basic understanding on how the odds are made, and what can cause these lines to move. 
  • What are the popular horse racing bets. You also need to know what your players can bet on, and which ones tend to get the most action. This will help you prioritize which lines to check on first, especially when it is a busy day for horse racing. From straight to exotic bets, single and multi-race bets, you need to know which ones tend to get a lot of public betting, and the like. You will need these trends and information to manage your racebook’s lines as well.

Three Steps to Start a Horse Betting Site

1. Sign Up with a Pay Per Head Software Provider.

Once you understand everything you can about the sport, it is now time to create and open a racebook. There are a lot of methods of doing this. Some are more traditional and will take time and money, while some prefer to use the latest technology in horse racing and use a bookie pay per head service. This option is very convenient and affordable- which makes it a very popular option among bookies.

A bookie software is a turnkey solution for bookies- meaning, you just sign up and set the basics, and your betting site will be ready for you to use. So even if you are new to the industry, you will not have a hard time using the software to do your work as a horse betting bookie.

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2. Add Players.

How to Start a Horse Betting SiteOnce you have your racebook set up, you just need to create accounts for your players. You can also start inviting and recruiting players. With bonuses and promos, you can entice players to try out your sportsbook. Use different marketing strategies from social media marketing to advertising- your strategy will of course depend on your marketing budget. The goal is to get players to join your racebook, and regularly place bets on the many races they can find in your horse betting site.

3. Manage Your Racebook.

Once your players gain access to your racebook, they can immediately view the latest horse betting odds and place wagers. The bookie software has the mechanisms that will allow you to view your racebook’s action easily. Balance your racebook’s lines by moving them based on your players’ activity, analyze your players’ betting behaviors, and be ready to release their winnings as scheduled. 

Why Open a Racebook with a Pay Per Head Company

Using a good sportsbook pay per head software will help you in a lot of ways. Since the software is specifically created for bookies, you will have every feature you will need to manage your racebook. Here are some of the perks and benefits of using a pay per head platform:

  • How to Start a Horse Betting SiteHorse Racing Odds. Your horse betting software comes with the latest horse racing odds, which you will only need to move based on your racebook’s activity.
  • Automated Process. From the point your player places a bet to releasing winnings, your software logs everything. Thus, you will be spared from creating a spreadsheet and computing for each player’s winnings. This also clears up what could be hours of work encoding wagers and such from your players.
  • Horse Racing Website. Your players get instant access to your racebook where they can view the latest odds, place wagers, and such. Instead of building a website or hiring someone to do it, your pay per head provider already has it primed and ready for your players to use. This website is integrated to your bookie software, so any changes or updates happen in real time.
  • Information Management System. Your bookie software will help you streamline your operation and help you manage it better. You can easily generate reports, analyze the data, and find ways to increase your revenue.
  • Other Features. Since your bookie software has everything a bookie needs, you can also open an online casino and sportsbook. This will be a single-log in platform, so your players only need to log in to your racebook to use any gambling product they want to.


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