The Sports Betting Software was made to meet the ever-changing needs of bookies and bookmakers. Furthermore, we maximizing different platforms and services, our software provides the most-needed and wanted betting solutions.

Whether you are just starting out, or wanting to expand your sportsbook, our software is guaranteed to give you your day-to-day needs for managing your own sportsbook.

Be a Bookie Today

Our bookie pay per head services will allow you to maximize your time and money, which, in turn, increases your bookie profit.

Detailed Bookie Management Tools

The key to a successful sportsbook is to be able to manage all aspects of the busines. For bookies, this means balancing time and resources for line management, player management, and more. Thus, our sports betting software company aims to cover all these.

In addition, Pre and post-betting liability management, customizable live alerts, and other features are added to improve the user experience. Therefore, bookies will have control over betting limits for each player. In addition,  language settings are also available to cater to international markets.

Industry Experts

Our software services are built on the DGS platform, that increases the efficiency of the software through our proprietary software. This raises the bar for the number of available quality sportsbook features that are available in the market.

For instance, Live Betting and Pre-Game Lines are newly offered, which allows bookies to offer live prices and betting to their players in real-time. Furthermore, our company continues to develop secure betting software solutions by using the newest technology. Thus, we provide bookies with a platform where their players can have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Trusted Sports Betting Platform

  • Cross-platform compatibility (software works on different operating systems).
  • Mobile capable.
  • Menu and wagering options.
  • Modern and attractive interface options available.
  • Real-Time line feed reliability.
  • DGS Instant Action
  • Single player account and e-wallet that covers all sales channels.
  • Integrated gaming services for multiple sales channels
  • Incorporation of rich content, managed by centralized Content Management System, or CMS.
  • Seamless integration with relevant third-party systems via our web service interfaces
  • Interface capabilities to external services, for events set-up assistance and for accessing comparison tools, as well as an external monitoring systems
  • End-to-end Security Framework, strong eligibility verification mechanisms and the appropriate safeguards for maintaining data integrity and confidentiality
  • Sophisticated customer acquisition and retention mechanisms, which enables the deployment of wide range of cross-channel and cross-product loyalty schemes, bonuses and promotions
  • Multi – currency transactions as well as Multilingual support
  • Comprehensive Back Office Application to control platform’s resources and functionalities