In the latest college basketball news, Arizona starts the season at top spot in power rankings after winning a road game against Duke. And Arizona has been quite the favorite lately, which you can see in your sportsbook. Your bookie pay per head service comes with the tools to help you generate metrics on where your players are betting. And when it comes to college sports betting, some teams are more popular than others.

Arizona is a popular option, as mentioned earlier, for a few reasons. However, the most striking one is that even through they have played only three games so far, and yet they managed to win and beat the Blue Devils in their own home. Such a power move that does put them to the top spot in the power rankings of sports experts.

The Blue Devils managed to make up for it by beating Michigan State in the Champions Classic. But whatever they did obviously did not work for the Wildcats. They were so good, that even a couple of freshmen Wildcats were able to spend extended minutes off the bench on their first road game.

Arizona Starts the Season at Top Spot

Arizona Starts the Season at Top Spot After Beating DukeThe power rankings is a way of sports journalists and analysts to identify the achievements of each of the teams so far, and where they stand in the season. It does not predict the outcome, more like tells you of which teams are strong.

As a bookie, you need to learn these things because this can help you with better line management. Aside from looking at the operating expenses of a bookie, you can also save money by minimizing risk in your sportsbook. That means trying to get balanced bets on each side of a wager. Knowing the strength of a team can help you predict either market movement, or public interest in the lines.

If you want to earn more money from college basketball betting, your best option is to be a bookie. This sportsbook pay per head comparison can help you find the best sportsbook for your needs and budget.


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