In the latest NBA news, the league will be short of one decorated player as Andre Iguodala retires from the NBA. Iguodala is well known in the sports betting industry as one of the most reliable players in the league. Many bookies who use the best sportsbook pay per head software may remember seeing his name in odds over almost two decades.

And his name is definitely familiar to many, as he won 4 NBA titles in 19 seasons. He also won Finals MVP with the Golden State Warriors. And while many former NBA players tend to stick close to the basketball industry, it looks like Iguodala will be focusing on something completely different.

Andre Iguodala Retires: What is Next for Him

Andre Iguodala Retires After 19 Seasons in the NBAHe will be focusing his time as a start-up investor, and will run Mosaic, a $200 million venture capital fund. He raised the funds, working alongside longtime business partner Rudy Cline-Thomas. A lot of fans applaud the 39-year-old player for diversifying his interests and businesses. This is something bookies can relate to.

This is because when a bookie uses a bookie pay per head service, then you automatically have the platform to offer a diverse set of products to your players.  You can open a sportsbook, open an online casino, and manage horse racing all in once software. That way, when the sports betting season is slow, you have more income streams.

Iguodala’s move to the business sector is long-delayed. He initially had plans of retiring back in 2022. However, Stephen Curry called him and convinced him to stay along for another NBA season. After signing for a one-year deal, he suffered from hip and wrist injuries. These injuries halted his performance that season to just eight games. Iguadala started in the NBA as a ninth overall draft by the 76ers back in 2004, then moving to the Nuggets back in 2012, then moving to the Warriors after a year. He is the 10th player in NBA history to ever make six straight Finals appearances.


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