Whether you are a bookie, or a sports bettor, knowing the big players in each team, league, and sport is important. Players who contribute a lot to the team can, after all, alter the projections of a certain team if they are out on injuries, or, even more, when they transfer. When this happens, the betting lines for the player, the teams, and even the conference involved can change. So we will take a look at the popular player transfers for your NFL sportsbook.

If you look at your sportsbook pay per head software, the betting lines are slowly starting to increase in terms of NFL betting. Right now, the bulk of the action is on the preseason. But soon enough, wagers for the first few weeks of the regular season, as well as futures bets will increase. And when this happens, a lot of attention will be on the Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts have finally allowed running back Jonathan Taylor to look for a trade arrangement. This comes after months of declining any requests of releasing Taylor. So far, what we know is that they are looking for either a package of picks, or a first-round pick for the player.


Your NFL Sportsbook: Jonathan Taylor’s Options and Your NFL Betting

NFL SportsbookWith the uncertainty with transfers, your bookie pay per head provider’s software tools will easily adjust the lines when they come out. This means you will not miss anything should we get updates on Taylor and other high-profile trades in the NFL.

There is nothing in sports news sites yet that talk about where he will be traded to. But some of the options are proving to be exciting should any of those transpire. For one, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could use some help boosting the offense. The Miami Dolphins can also use Taylor in the rotation, alongside Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson.

The Dallas Cowboys could also get Taylor, since they have quite the salary cap space left at $21.5 million. Since Ezekiel Elliott is no longer with the Cowboys, there is a vacant slot to fill. The Carolina Panthers now have Frank Reich, the former head coach of the Colts, and he can easily bring in Taylor if he wants to.


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